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Rose Caraway entices listeners with alluring, erotic, tales in “The Kiss-Me-Quick’s” Erotica Podcast. This sexy and adventurous show, set to a backdrop of dramatic music, will simultaneously provoke the mind and arouse the senses. Prepare to experience sex with a range of conflicting emotions as Rose Caraway regales you with her astonishing tales that will delight, thrill, and at times horrify. Consider yourself warned. Contact Rose: Twitter- @RoseCaraway Facebook-

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Close Enough by Raziel Moore
Sep 28 · 45 minutes
Today’s story is, “Close Enough” written by the truly talented Raziel Moore. Download The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30 Vol. 1 audiobook, or Ebook! more at Contact Raziel Moore Rose Caraway’s “Digits” Web- thekissmequicks.comor search Rose Caraway on Facebook and Twitter.Or you can call the Voice Mail Line at(202) 810-5477 or (202) 810-kiss For more sexy talk just got to-

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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Adam and Eve

Bible-adam-and-eve1. Adam is a generic Hebrew word.

In the Hebrew language in which Genesis was written, the word “Adam” is the generic term for “man.” Our modern translations make it difficult to see this, especially since “Adam” has become a popular male name. Similarly, “Eve” means “Mother all of living.”

2. Eve may not have been Adam’s first wife.

There are actually two creation stories in Genesis, although most readers merge them into one. The story we tend to recall starts with the first verse in the Bible — “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” — and then describes a busy six days in which God creates something different each day, with humans last, and Eve being created from Adam’s rib, followed by a day of rest. But that’s not actually what Genesis says.

In the first creation story — the one with six days and a creator named Yahweh — the woman is created in the same way as the man and at the same time, with no hint that she is secondary. This puzzling difference evolved into the story of Lilith, Adam’s first wife who was ejected from Eden for insisting she should be Adam’s equal.
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Adult Toys for Women

downloadAdult toys have become an integral part in the sex lives of many adults today. Adam & Eve offers a wide selection of erotic toys, from old favorites to the latest innovations. With such a vast selection, we have something for everyone.

We cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences, from toys designed for couples to those made for solo play and everything in between. Our toys are made from only the highest-quality material, whether it’s glass, gel or silicone that you prefer. We stock all the latest models of vibrators, including clitoral stimulators, G-spot models and high-powered jack rabbits for powerful sensations.

Men will love our specially-designed masturbators for hand-held thrills, size- and confidence-boosting penis pumps, and prostate toys for anal play. Our anal selection includes a wide range of butt plugs, beads, and other taboo-busting toys. For those who want to explore the darker side of their fantasies, we have a great variety of bondage gear and other BDSM products.

No matter what you’re shopping for, bring your erotic dreams to life with the perfect sex toy from Adam & Eve.

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Wacky Things You Don’t Know About Sex Toys

539f8dd64cd18_-_cos-girl-at-gyno-office-lgnVibrating rings, lube, and dildos are hardly shocking stuff anymore. Hell, pleasure products are sold next to vitamins in the drugstore, and even Oprah-endorsed vibes on daytime TV! What is pretty damn shocking? These eight little-known facts about the sex toy goodies that live in the nightstand drawer.


Yep, the first electrical vibrator (a 40-pound contraption that required two people to operate — not exactly a pocket rocket) was used by a British M.D. treating “female hysteria.” He used the tool to bring nervous or stressed women to orgasm. Luckily, a few years later, take-home versions were created.

Source: The Technology of Orgasm: “Hysteria,” the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction
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Sex toys Tips & Techniques

o-SEX-EDUCATION-facebookStrategic strokes, not size, spark her orgasm. If you really want to know what drives her wild, the answer might just be hiding in her drawer. Here are five lessons you can learn from her favorite sex toys…LINGER A LITTLE
Unlike porn actresses, most women first focus sex toys on their clitoris, penetrating only as climax nears, says Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., cofounder of the National Association for Sexual Awareness and Empowerment.
What you can do: Your penis isn’t just for penetration. Use it to stroke her outer labia and clitoris during foreplay, says Vivienne Cass, Ph.D., author of The Elusive Orgasm. Gyrating along these pleasure points while steadily increasing pressure will push her desire to the tipping point, so once you penetrate, you’ll deliver orgasm-inducing thrusts.
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